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Do you want your texts translating from English into German? We can help you!

Stephanie Laimer-Read is a qualified English-German translator who can help you with your translations.

As a language enthusiast, avid reader and writer who has published three novels (one in English and two in German), she is especially interested in translating your work into German, helping authors to find more readers, businesses to make contact with new customers and clients or providing any general translations needed.

For enquiries or a quote, please contact Stephanie at:

Training and Experience

Stephanie studied at the correspondence school AKAD in Stuttgart, Germany from 2005 to 2008. The course included in-depth studies of German, British and American history and culture; economics; financial vocabulary and basics of interpretation. She qualified as a state-approved translator in October 2008. Being a self-declared Anglophile, she moved to the United Kingdom in 2010 to immerse herself in its language and culture. She has done paid freelance work for translation agencies and voluntary translations for charities and NGOs since 2008. Now she is keen to take on further work, especially in the following fields which she is experienced in:

Areas of Expertise

Literary translation

Travel and tourism


Website translation

Social issues

Whether you are in Paris, London, Tokyo, Bangkok, New York or Warsaw, Let's Rock Publishing can help you with your translation needs!